Life’s journey starts with knowing oneself well and moves to loving others. For some it works the other way around.

No matter what one’s faith or lack of it, we are all searching. Searching for meaning in our lives and wanting to make a difference. It helps to have companions who share our beliefs and support our deepest yearnings.

For some this comes naturally, for others it comes at a time of transition or crisis. Some people call these moments grace; I see them as God working in the world even in difficult times. To grow as a human being is to more fully reflect the image of God.

Consider the times and places you have met God. See below for a start.
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     – Surviving in Today’s World with Yesterday’s Values
     – Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Birth, Marriage, Death and other Transitions
     – Family Prayer and Spirituality
     – The Use and Abuse of Power

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Christmas Is December 25
Do We Still Believe in Santa Claus?
Advent Waiting 1 (Waiting with Mary; Preparing with John the Baptist)
Frugal Gifts for Family & Friends
A Humorous Look at the Vogt "Nothing New Christmas"

Audio interview: Consumerism and Other Holiday Issues

What I Learned While Reading My Daughter's E-mail
To Give Or Not To Give?
Money - How Much Is Enough? How Much Is Too Much?
What I've Learned about Living on Less

Surviving Hard Economic Times (from Every Day Catholic)
Wait a Minute! A Christian Perspective on Time (from Every Day Catholic)
"It Wasn't Me" - Social Sin and Social Responsibility (from Every Day Catholic)
Discrimination - Not Just a Black-and-White Issue (from Every Day Catholic)
The Christian Consumer - A Contradiction? (from Every Day Catholic)
LENT - Have You Given Up on Giving Up?

Are We Willing To Be Authentically Pro-Life?
Standing Up for Life-Moving from "Either/Or" to "Both/And" (Every Day Catholic)
Worrywart Or Frivolous Fool
Nibbling Ourselves Lost
What I Learned While Reading My Daughter's E-mail
It Could Have Been Worse
A New Twist on an Old Rule
A Pac Man Parable
How To Tell Right From Wrong
How to Change Someone You Love
Homily Tips from a Listener
What Would Have Happened If...
The Spirituality of Car Repair and Doing Dishes
The Radical Middle

Our Brothers' Keepers-Faith, Politics & the Common Good (Every Day Catholic)
Home for the Holidays - Tips for Civil Conversations
Covid-19 Cancellations - The Gift Of Time
Cape May Family Footwashing Service

The Spirituality of Car Repair and Doing Dishes
Loving Our Church - Warts and All (from Every Day Catholic)
Was Jesus a Tree Hugger? Ecology and Faith (from Every Day Catholic)
Faith: It Demands Action (from Every Day Catholic)
Hanging on to Hope...When the World Is Falling Apart (from Every Day Catholic)
Spiritual or Religious? Why Not Both! (from Every Day Catholic)
Why Community? Why Church? Why Catholic?
(from Every Day Catholic)
Vogt Morning Offering A PowerPoint slide show; ideal for prayer

Who Do I Hate
A New Twist on an Old Rule
Simple Is Not Simplistic
Finding Your Own Way to Pray (from Every Day Catholic)
Stories From the Heart - Being Catholic and Gay (from Every Day Catholic)
Technology - Have You Been Seduced by Electronics? (from Every Day Catholic)
Just Follow Your (Informed) Conscience (from Every Day Catholic)
Feeding the Hungry in a Land of Dieters (from Every Day Catholic)
Mindfulness of Words

The Holy Longing, The Search for a Christian Spirituality by Ronald Rolheiser. Doubleday, New York ©1999, $21.95
A deep book for honest seekers of the spiritual life. Goes beyond categories of liberal or conservative to the heart of the spiritual life.

Savoring God by Kathleen Finley. Ave Maria Press, Notre Dame, IN ©2003, $12.95
Over 25 prompts to prayer using the ordinary items that we find around the house. Creative, inspiring.

Affluenza by John de Graaf, Wann, & Naylor. San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler. ©2001. $25.
Based on the award winning PBS special, this book documents everything you’d want to know about simplifying your lifestyle.

God Help Me! These People Are Driving Me Nuts – Making Peace with Difficult People by Gregory Popcak (Loyola Press, 2001, 800-621-1008)
Offers ways to apply our Christian beliefs in dealing with difficult relationships. Uses engaging case studies and challenging exercises.

God Knows We Get Angry – Healthy Ways to Deal with It (Sorin Books, 2002, 800-282-2865)
Stories and exercises to assist in the journey from anger and resentments to forgiveness and freedom from memories of hurt and rejection.

To Celebrate: Reshaping Holidays and Rites of Passage, 225-pg. book from Alternatives. $5 + s/h (800) 821-6153, www.SimpleLiving.org

Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway? Sioux City, IA: Alternatives © 2000.
A booklet of creative ways to help your family enter into the simple spirit of Christmas.

"Work of Human Hands" catalog.
Call (800) 422-5915 to request a free individual retail catalog from Catholic Relief Services, in partnership with SERRV International

spirituality@work – 10 ways to balance your life on-the-job by Gregory Pierce. Chicago: Loyola Press, ©2001. $18.
This is not your typical book on spirituality. It is focused on an area of our lives that is viewed by some as outside the realm of spirituality. It uses the language of the workplace rather than the language of religion to talk about spiritual matters. A true guide to unpacking the laity’s role in the marketplace.

Blessings for the Fast Paced & Cyberspaced; Parables, Reflections and Prayers. William John Fitzgerald. Leavenworth, KS, © 2000 Forest of Peace Publishing. $12.95.
Prayers and stories for modern day life.


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