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Clearing Your Life of Clutter by Living Lightly

by Susan V. Vogt.
(Loyola Press, 2013, $13.95)
What a year of giving stuff away taught me about life, relationships, and what's really important. Packed with practical tips and spiritual wisdom.
 Consume Less - Save More Money
 Hang on to Less - Become More Generous
 Letting go of Burdens & Intangibles
 Waste Less - Save More Energy
 Hurry & Worry Less - Laugh More
 Let go of Cheap Faith and the "Smug Factor"

One question: What was unexpected about givng your things away? 1+ minute video

4 minute interview about Blessed By Less

*Awarded 1st place (Inspirational) by the Association of Catholic Publishers
*Awarded 2nd place (Family Life) by the Catholic Press Association

MONEY in the kingdom of god:
Six Essential Attitudes for followers of Christ

by Susan V. Vogt ($10)
A 6 session Bible study about attitudes toward, and the use of money and possessions. Includes:
 Investing in the Kingdom of God

Keeping the Faith (And Your Sanity)

by Susan V. Vogt.
(St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2011, $14.99)
Addresses thorny issues such as:
 When to rescue and when to not.
 When to push and when to restrain yourself.
 Keeping your faith as your child seems to abandon it
 How to forgive yourself for parenting mistakes.
 How to move into an adult-adult relationship.

Currently out of print. Contact me at to get a copy.

RAISING KIDS WHO WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Helping Your Family Live with Integrity, Value Simplicity, and Care for Others
by Susan V. Vogt.
(Chicago: Loyola Press, 2002, $13.95)
Insights and tips for raising children to make a positive impact in our world. A unique aspect of this book are the contributions not only of parents but also the reflections of young adults on what influenced them to make decisions to serve others.
Kids Creating Circles of Peace
by Anne Marie Witchger Hansen and Susan V. Vogt.
(Parenting for Peace and Justice, 2000, $5.00)
A book of story starters and activities for all kids who want to make peace. Contains cartoons, family activities, books, videos, and thoughtful questions. Geared to grades K-6, students will enjoy making up their own better endings to potentially violent or bullying situations.
Just Family Nights- 60 Activities to Keep Your Family Together in a World Falling Apart
Susan V. Vogt, editor.
(Elgin, IL, Brethren Press, 1994, $15.95)
Just Family Nights provides 60 activities for families to do together – activities that build family unity and foster healthy values. Each Family Night offers reading, activities, songs, and ideas for treats that are built on themes such as ecology, nonviolence, homelessness, conflict resolution, and awareness of other races and cultures.
celebrating & becoming a holy family

DVD of Susan and Jim Vogt's presentations
(CC Video Productions, 2006, $20)
2+ hours of workshop presentations on:
The Family Pledge of Nonviolence     
Taming Time                                Morality
Home based sacred symbols    Ecology
Media: Use & Abuse                   Peacemaking
Who Am I (Affirmation)               Consumerism    Service                                          Diversity
Faith & Values                                         
These talks were originally presented at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in eastern Florida.
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